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Digital Motion Workshop AR Product Information


Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to check out our work!


Let's run through the bespoke AR experiences we currently offer. Then check out our AR product, currently available on the Apple App Store called AR Guernsey

You can also download our PDF Product info below..

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Digital Motion Workshop can now offer geolocation AR experiences in three areas. Every AR build will include a bespoke strategy and creative solution with marketing and measuring support

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We want to give visitors and locals a new way to discover their environment. Bringing to life important locations with our geolocation tech to tell stories in creative and engaging ways. 

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Music Festivals

We want to enhance the visual experience of music festivals by overlaying bespoke creative expressions of the music. The audience can record the experience in a completely new way.

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We want to get your customers associating wonder and playfulness with your brand during the key events and promotional activations that matter. 

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We’ll work with you to build a comprehensive AR plan to deliver on your unique goals. 

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Once we’ve agreed on the strategy we’ll get cracking designing your app and building a bespoke creative experience your audience will love.

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We’ll then build your AR experience using the latest gaming technology so your app will be effortless and intuitive to use. 

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We’ll supply you with OOH and digital assets to support your marketing strategies. 

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We’ll also support you in measuring engagement rates to understand the impact of this activation.

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