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This page is dedicated to all things AR Guernsey. From content, device compatibility, competitions, bug reports and feedback you can find it all here.  

If you don't have access to one of the beaches listed on the app we'll have you covered very soon with a video of each location posted right on this page.

Also regarding our privacy policy, this is easy, we don't record, look at or have any access to any of your data.

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AR Guernsey video montage

Watch our little promo of how this app works!

AR Guernsey Supporters

Thank you to our fantastic supporters who have
made launching this app possible.
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Press Release

Digital Motion Workshop is super excited to launch Guernsey’s first geo-location Augmented Reality App for the iPhone called AR Guernsey.


App Creator, Aaron Smillie -  “I built this free app for locals and visitors to explore our beautiful beaches through a different kind of lens.


If you download the app then head to Vazon, Cobo, L’Eree, L’Ancresse or Pembroke beach you can discover a secret world filled with giant hot air balloons and dragons flying around our beaches. Every 3 months I’ll be updating those scenes with new and exciting creatures and treasure hunts."


Organisations can support this project by sponsoring a beach for a 3 month period. We’d like to thank Polygon Collective, Vantage Insurance and Edease for supporting us in our launch.


We’ll be releasing an Android version of this app once we get feedback from Apple users.


Exciting times.

Download on the App Store

iPhone X

"Scene disappears briefly on 


iPhone 11

No reported bugs

iPhone 12

No Reported bugs

iPhone 13

No Reported Bugs


The Bug


We want this app to be as bug free as possible so if you experience any problems people let use know and we'll do our best to fix it. Please title your message "Found a bug".  

Terms of use

Safety is our priority. That's why we show our health and safety terms of use every time you use this app. 

By tapping “ACTIVATE CAMERA” you accept full responsibility for your own health and safety whilst using this App.

We designed this App to be used in the open safe space of the beach only.

Do not use on roads, car parks, in the sea or on walls and rocks.

Always be aware of your surroundings. All children must be supervised at all times.