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We've been working with award winning app creators, premium watch brands and recruitment agencies. Creating content and building meaningful strategies together

It’s been an absolute joy creating this Christmas animation message for East Harbour Associates Limited. The idea we had - Design a contemporary Christmas tree that could frame East Harbours messaging and brand identity.


Our “A Matter of Time” campaign for the premium watch brand James Derby is running through December. The core influences for this sequence came from cinema old and new including Citizen Kaine, It’s a Wonderful Life, 2001 A Space Odyssey and Gravity. Our goal was to combine these influences to evoke a nostalgic moment, a feeling of the passing of time. The sequence is filled with hidden symmetry’s and places the product quite literally front and centre. This content is designed to be channel agnostic, fitting perfectly across all marketing displays and durations. Once we had our concept we then rebuilt James Derby’s beautiful watch as a 3D model. It gave us the flexibility to get the movement and lighting of the product just right. We now have that asset to use for many more content opportunities in future marketing and display projects together. Thank you to the James Derby team for trusting us with your marketing creative. 

James Derby

Over the past few months I’ve had the absolute privilege to work with the @pixiteapps team on a series of tutorials for @assemblyapp .

This video is just a taster of the first video that can be found on Pixite’s YouTube page. Link in my bio... .
Have a watch and if there is anything you would like me to cover let me know.


This offer is now closed. We are now busy making all the free pumpkin requests... Because this has been so popular we’ve decided to run another offer, starting Thursday. More info coming tomorrow! To celebrate our amazing first month in business we are creating FREE animated pumpkins for 31st October? Just DM us your company logo here on Linkedin. Perfect for a fun Halloween social post!

Free Halloween Campaign

A simple Christmas animation for the drink brand. 


We are excited to be working with Top Personnel. We'll be creating weekly bespoke content for the Jersey based recruitment agency, helping them build a content strategy that really sets them apart whilst providing real value to their clients on social. hashtag#content hashtag#socialstrategy hashtag#branding

Top Personnel

This week’s post is for an anti bullying campaign we’ve been working on that is centred around the idea of not developing a “Stone Heart” to cyberbullying. Online bullying has steadily been getting worse. This persistent habit has become part of our everyday media consumption... 1/4 of British adults have experienced it with 55% of people aged 18 to 24 affected the worst.

Anti Cyberbully