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The CoSteer team reached out to us to help them with the communication of their core brand and product proposition.


Costeer believes humans are at the centre of our organisations and our communities. Improve one and you improve the other. They explore empathy, ethical intelligence, and compassion and how they impact and improve our lives. They measure the three foundational and interconnected elements of governance:

• Culture

• Decision Making

• Decision Implementation

Video One: Brand Video.   

Perrin , the founder, had already created a really strong visual metaphor, that of the murmuration of starlings.  Thousands of the birds flock together, swooping and diving in synchronisation. The Costeer team believed this beautifully represented how businesses work and how individuals make up a larger organism. We completely agreed so in our first brand video we took that metaphor and built on it. Creating an interactive digital version that could be used across all Costeer messaging and creative outputs. Then we took that a step further by reflecting that beauty into the language we used in the form of poetry. With a bespoke music track and 3 audience targeted voice overs we really feel the final output delivered on the brief.


Video Two: What is the CoSteer product?

Our Second video took the murmuration metaphor and used it to take Costeers potential clients on a journey through the product proposition. From the collective murmuration to a single element to the final data. Starting with a scripted from John Hibbs, we built a visual narrative that clearly explains the “what” in a beautiful and accessible way. 

CoSteer: What we do

Branding  |  Creative Strategy  |  Script Writing  |  Social Strategy |  Animation  |  2D/3D Graphic Design  |  Editing  |  VO | Infographic Design | Product Design | Marketing Strategy

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