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The Moments of 2022

As the year comes to a close, it's time to reflect on all the activities undertaken and the progress made. From creative talks to new clients to the incorporation of new technologies and new products, it's been a busy and rewarding year. I’ve been thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with such talented and dedicated individuals, and so grateful for all of the contributions, collaborations, and support that have helped make this year a success. Thank you to everyone who has played a part in DMW‘s growth and achievements, I couldn't have done it without you!

New DMW Product: AR Guernsey: Available on the Apple Store

Digital Motion Workshop was thrilled to announce the launch of AR Guernsey, the first geo-location Augmented Reality App for iPhone users in Guernsey. It allows locals and visitors to explore the island's beautiful beaches through a unique lens, featuring giant hot air balloons and dragons flying around the beach.

Media, App and Info Links

AR Guernsey App

Guernsey Press

BBC News

BBC Radio

More information

Award: The Veyaon Awards 2022

It was fantastic to win Creative Entrepreneur of the year 2022.

The Award Celebrates entrepreneurs in the creative sector whose business demonstrates economic and/or social impact through creative output. Including an innovative new product, service or way of working in the industry.

This category saw the most entries of all of the awards, and they were whittled down to a shortlist of 5, but the winning entrepreneur was someone who demonstrated creativity and innovation in their work and a clear mission to take it further.

The judges said: “ We were very impressed by the innovative product offering, build and development; a terrific way to draw attention to Guernsey's natural sites and create new experiences for locals and visitors that are truly looking to the future.”

Media Links

Creative Talks: Rise and Shine Breakfast

This talk focused on effective visual communication. This is crucial for businesses of all sizes, whether you have a large budget or are just starting out with a side hustle. The talk shared practical techniques to enhance the visual appeal of your business, website, blog, and social media platforms. These techniques will not only make your digital spaces more attractive, but also help to ensure that your intended messages are effectively conveyed.

Event Link

Client: Spool (Output Launch Promo Content)

It was fantastic to work with the App Developers, Pixite, on the launch content for their latest amazing music video creation tool, Spool.

App Link

The Work

Business Strategy: Digital Greenhouse Mentoring Scheme.

Becoming a business mentor has been an extremely rewarding experience. Helping extraordinarily creative people embark on their creative business adventure!

Client: Parallel Systems (Output VR and AR Development and Creative Builds)

As the work I’m doing with Parallel Systems is in development I’m unable to talk too much about it. What I can say is that working with the team and their clients has been an incredible experience. Working on innovative projects that push the boundaries of AR and VR was one of the core goals for 2022 so I’m extremely happy to be continuing this in 2023.

Client Link

Client: Cortex (Output Creative Brand Strategy, Design, Creative and Content)

In the later stages of 2022 I began working with Cortex, an incredible group of individuals based in Guernsey. This team has designed and built so many innovative products, with real value. We’ve been working together to bring these products to life from branding, creative and marketing strategy. I couldn’t be more excited be working together.


Tabi - Time and Billing Intelligence - Status (ClosedBeta)

Bragi- Lightweight Data Warehouse Automation Utility - Status (Live)

DMW Products: AR Experiences

Digital Motion Workshop can now offer geolocation AR experiences in three areas. Every AR build will include a bespoke strategy and creative solution with marketing and measuring support.


First Prize for my Watermelon Wonder Fruit Sculptor at the West Show! There were 2 entries!.

Thanks for reading, see you next year!

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